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11 Genius Person’s Who Didn’t Have A Pool But Really Wanted To Bath.

Sometimes the heat is intolerable. Then you have to enjoy a nice, cooling dip. But what do you do if don’t have a pool or the beach is too far away? These persons don’t lack in imagination and creativity. Their homemade pool’s take it to the next level.    

1. A wheelbarrow was all she needed.


2. Why get rid of this when you can use it for something much better?


3. A couple of tires is enough to create an awesome pool.


4. The old waste basket is finally being used in a proper way!


5. Sometimes you only need some plastic.


6. Yes, now I only have to move the pool to get rid of the shadow.


7. An old bus is also functional.


8. These two are almost too much…


9. Get a lot of beer cases and you will have a cooling pool!


10. Some hay also works like a charm.


11. And you can even use an old container.


Pictures: Hugelol, Theverybesttop10, Tumblr, Decohubs, Dailyhaha, Reddit, Pinterest.

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