7 Apps That Can Help Autistic Children Reach Their Potential.

“ He’s not here… I don’t know where he is, but he’s not with me.”

This is how one mother expressed her feelings, before she started the long and difficult journey to figure out the reasons behind her young child’s odd behavior. He didn’t answer her when she called his name, smile, or return her gaze. He wasn’t excited about playing with toys. Ultimately, his parents discovered that he was autistic. Autism symptoms usually occur in the first 3 years of a child’s life. It’s essentially defined as shortcomings in communicating and interacting with others. Through early discovery and intervention, however, and practical programs to help the child adapt and develop their senses, many parents of autistic children find hope. However, many programs that offer treatment and monitoring of autistic children are very expensive, making it very difficult for many families to treat their autistic children or develop their skills as much as they’d like. Technology is increasingly coming to the rescue on this front. New apps are helping numerous parents work on improve their children’s social skills. Here are 7 apps that could help children with autism.

1-TOBY Playpad

TOBY Playpad

This app is designed specifically for parents who have Autistic children between 2-4. You begin by setting the skills you want your child to develop, and the level. Based on this, the app will automatically suggest activities the next day.

Lessons include daily realistic activities that could be done with parents – helping parents and the child bond. This app is perfect for early intervention.

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2-Look In My Eyes


One of the substantial challenges that parents have to deal with is the failure of visual communication.
This app helps the child to surpass this problem through looking into another child eyes on the screen. Through the use of numbers, the child is trained to look someone in the eye.

Every time the child succeeds, they’re rewarded and receive an amount of money to buy virtual goods.

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3-Social Skills For Autism

Social skills for autism

Children with autism often find it difficult to communicate with friends, since they lack social skills and the ability to communicate verbally or non-verbally.

This app helps them work on their social skills. They’re guided by a character named “Kloog”, an alien who has recently landed on earth. “Kloog” lacks social skills and doesn’t know how to communicate with people so the child has to teach him all these different abilities.

This app has been created by “Shine Autism Centre” in Ireland, which was established in 2010. The app has lots of fun activities and a variety of tasks that could help make communication easier for the child. It rewards the players by giving them cute videos every time they learn a new skill.

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4-Autism and PDD Concepts Lite


Through character “Becca” who tells stories slowly in a simple language and a calm voice, uncluttered illustrations, and reassuring audio narrationm, learning is made easier through this app.

Children learn by answering different questions about the story told, and how to care about others by answering the question : “how does Becca feel?”

You can click here to download the app.

5-Autism Therapy With MITA

MITA system

Through this app, children live an adventure through specialized visual games. The games ends with a daily reward. The app is specialized for early intervention, helping gradually develop the child’s visual and focus skills through puzzles and different games.

MITA was developed by Dr. Andrey Vyshedskiy, a neuroscientist from Boston University; Rita Dunn, a Harvard University-educated early-child-development specialist; MIT-educated, Jonah Elgart and a group of award-winning artists and developers working alongside experienced therapists.

You can click here to download the app

6-Sesame Street And Autism


This app helps help build understanding, reduce stigma, and provide support with everyday tasks. It includes : articles with tips and strategies, videos featuring real families and Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby.

Thhe stories and the strategies included help families obtain a better understanding of their children in different situations and the challenges they face together, as it builds bridges to connect them.

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7-Autism Core Skills

Core Skills

Autism Core Skills is an innovative educational platform built by autism experts. It aims for every child with autism to reach their potential, through subjects kids love like sports, trains, colours, and different shapes.

Download the apphere.

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