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7 Brilliant Tricks You Can Do With A Regular Muffin Tray.

Fresh-baked homemade muffins are awesome, and while we don’t always have the time to make them, almost everyone has one or more muffin tins hanging around their kitchen. As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to pull out that muffin tray more often than you do – and those reasons don’t involve actual muffins. I came across this brilliant list of tricks you can do with your muffin tray. Have a look below – but beware! You may never see muffins the same way again 🙂

1. For nails and screws

Ever have a hard time finding the right nail when doing handy work around the house? Problem solved. I thought this was absolutely brilliant. It’s convenient and won’t take up much space either.



2. Flower pots

This is as pretty as it is gorgeous. Pierce a hole in the bottom of each muffin mold and then place it on a raised platform to ensure breathing space for what else but adorable little plants. Voilà – fully functional pots! Plant adorable little flowers, perfect to enhance any window.





3. Gardening

Here’s a simple and smart way to prepare your summer garden. Use your muffin tin to create regular spaces and rows in the earth, where you can then plant your crops. This way, everything gets perfectly equal space and you don’t have to sit and dig all day.

Photo: Facebook


4. Stuffed peppers

Fill your colorful peppers with all that good stuff, and stick into the oven! Who said you could only bake sweets in these practical little tins? Why have I never thought of this?



5. Taco-time!

This is simply genius. Don’t you just hate when you have a ton of dishes to wash after a fun taco festival? Here is THE perfect solution. Especially useful when you’re a larger gang gathered for some Mexican yumminess.



6. Ice rack

One hot summer day, it can be refreshing and delicious with an ice cube in the glass. If you do not have any common isbrickor, or if you want more ice cubes, you can just pour some water in muffin form and set in the freezer. NOTE: I recommend a larger glass than in this picture …

Photo: Imgur


7. Snack Tray

Need bigger ice cubes than normal? Problem solved. Use your muffin tin to create larger chunks to help cool anything off in seconds.




Discover even more brilliant ideas in this short clip, including a tortilla bowl!

I thought these were brilliant and know plenty of people that could make use of at least one of these tricks. I will definitely pass it along! Do the same if you have friends you think could learn a thing or two about their versatile muffin tin, too! strong>

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