7 Housewife Tricks To Clean Your Bathroom Fast And Easily.

As the weather warms up and spring quickly approaches, many of us are getting ready for some major spring cleaning. Dirt and dust are a nuisance – and one of the worst places where these accumulate is the bathroom, which gathers plenty of bacteria. While a good deep cleaning tends to be time-consuming, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. If you know a thing or two about clever housewife tricks, cleaning can be super fast and super efficient. Here are some of the best tricks to keep in mind, when it’s time to give that bathroom of yours a deep, springtime worthy scrub.

Bathroom Mirror

Dirty bathroom mirror? Tea bags can be a natural and a perfect solution. Steep three bags of tea in a glass of water, and add them to a spray bottle and spray on the mirror.
Wipe away with a newspaper – and watch as your mirror reveals its spotlessly clean facelift.



When it’s time to attack a dirty toilet, vinegar is a real lifesaver.
Start by lifting the lid of the toilet and pour a hefty dash of vinegar. Also spray the toilet seat with the vinegar before you wipe it with paper towel. Take out a little more paper, soak it in vinegar and press it firmly on the inside of the toilet seat edges for a few minutes. Scrub and rinse -and now you’ve hit two birds with one stone: bacteria and mold are gone.


The shower

The shower is frankly what I hate cleaning most. It can take a long time to get proper results and it always seems to cause me back pain. But with this simple housewife cleaning trick, the shower will never be easier or faster. Mix vinegar with liquid soap, and use a toothbrush – the results will appear immediately.


Stain and grime

Stains can be really difficult to remove. Many thus think that chemicals are necessary – but this is not the case. With a little hard work and a perfectly ordinary lemon, you can get your tap to shine, as lemon juice acts as a natural cleaner. Another smart idea to get rid of grime is to put a towel around the tap and pour vinegar on it. Let it sink for 30 minutes, then wipe the tap with a clean cloth. For tricky corners, use a toothbrush!


Toothbrush mug

One of those things that gets quite filthy, but we tend to forget is, the toothbrush mug. The easiest way to get it clean again? Just stick it in your dishwasher. The stubborn dirt on it will soon be something of the past.


Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush often takes the worst hit, fighting the worst bacteria in the bathroom – so it definitely should be cleaned regularly! To make it easy for you, you can simply lift up the brush and pour some all purpose cleaner over it, such as bleach. Dip the brush again – and it will soon be fresh and ready to use again.


Washing Machine/Dryer

When you wash and dry your clothes, plenty of hair and lint gets leftover. Lifting up the filter and brushing off the dirt should be done regularly – but sometimes a lot of lint and hair build up gets stuck beneath the filter, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. To access these tricky corners, grab a paper towel roll and hook it to your vacuum cleaner. It will give you easy access to hard reaching places, and thanks to the sucking power of your vacuum cleaner, the dirt soon will be gone.


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