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7 Ways To Use What You Already Have In The Kitchen To Create A Beautiful Garden.

Having a garden is amazing. You can spend hours planting and replanting it, and when you make it your own, it becomes like your own personal oasis. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to find inspiration. I personally often forget about my garden’s potential and just continue doing what I’ve always done. When that happens, it’s nice to get some creative tips. After talking with some of my friends, I realized I’m far from the only person who loses gardening inspiration from time to time. So for everyone who loves gardening as much as I do, I’ve gathered seven project ideas that use things you already have in your kitchen. Try them out this summer. They might be just the thing you need to start thinking big about your garden again… and you won’t need to spend any money to do them.

1. Make plant markers with your old spoons

It’s easy to make beautiful plant markers if you have old spoons around. You can use both plastic and metal, but if you use metal, flatten the spoons first with a hammer and then paint them.


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2. Turn your old soda cans into planters

Use a can opener to remove the top of your used soda cans. Then, spray paint them in whatever color you’d like colors and plant herbs in them. Set them in your garden or perhaps on a window sill.


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3. Space your plants perfectly with a muffin tray

Use a muffin tray to get the perfect spacing between seeds when you’re planting. Imagine how beautiful this will be at harvest time!


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4. Make a path with old wine bottles

Press old bottles into the earth to create a beautiful trail. Straight or winding—make it as you want. You can also use bottles to water your plants while you’re away. Just fill them with water and press them upside down into the soil.


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5. Repurpose a colander into a hanging pot

Attach chains to the bottom of a colander and then flip it right side up and hang it. Fill your new hanging pot with flowers and decorate it by hanging wind chimes from it. It’s perfect for the patio!


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6. Fix plants in old bottles

This is a beautiful solution that works in an apartment, too. Make a hole in an old glass bottle and plant herbs in it. This looks very beautiful when hung.


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7. Scare away unwanted animals with forks

I don’t know if this actually works, but it’s been said that if you stick forks in the ground, unwanted animals, such as rabbits or neighbor cats, will stay away from your seedlings. It’s worth a try!


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It’s spring, and time to start planting your garden.Remember that only your imagination limits Iwhat you can do. Please share this article with your gardening friends!

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