9 images proving that doors can be more than just doors

Doors are of course very useful in dividing rooms and spaces. But after coming across some of these DIY projects, I don’t think I’ll quite see doors the same way again!

Indeed a new trend is picking up where doors are being transformed into everything but room dividers.

As it turns out, with some imagination, it’s possible to create some rather practical furniture using the right doors. The best part? You don’t have to be an experienced carpenter or need plenty of time or money to manage some of these.

Don’t believe me? Just wait until you see these 9 ideas from different homes around the world — and when done, you’re more than welcome to share this to inspire others to try!

1. Laundry bench

Finally, a reserved space for something there otherwise never seems to be any space for: folding your laundry. Best of all? It doesn’t take any place — when you’re done you can just fold the door back against the wall!


Facebook/Tim Franklin

2. Coffee table

Do you have an old door that’s worn out? Grab a saw and some nails and you can easily pull together this beautiful coffee table!

3. Porch swing

You can also bring doors to the porch — and build a great porch swing! In this version, the door is used for the backrest while the seat consists of an old table.

4. Bar

A bar with everything you could possibly need — made with an ordinary door. Not too shabby if you ask me!

5. Hanging table

With some sturdy ropes and an old door, you can put together a cozy table for your garden. Why waste money on expensive outdoor furniture!

6. Chalkboard

Here, someone has really used their imagination! Instead of a calendar or notepad, a door can remind you of everything that needs to be done — thanks to this brilliant magnetic chalkboard.

7. Shelf

A personal favorite. Both unique and elegant, this could fit into almost any home.

8. Hall tree

Why look for hall furniture when you can fix everything with an old door. Hang your jacket, hat, and store winter clothes in a box… then just kneel down to tie your shoes!

9. Garden display

If you don’t feel comfortable with tools, why not just bring an old door into your garden — and use it to hang flower pots on. Beautiful, especially in the fall!

Feel free to share these great tips to show others what amazing things you can do with regular doors!

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