9 pictures of Christmas decorations in hospitals that prove nurses have hearts of gold

Hospitals and the spirit of Christmas are two things we rarely associate with each other. Hospitals are sparsely decorated, not very colorful – and above all, not fun at all to have spend time in — especially during Christmas. But, as if nurses were not already heroic enough, some have come together to demonstrate that they also have an impressive ability to be very creative in tring to bring some Christmas cheer to patients and their loved ones. Here are nine truly wonderful examples of nurses brilliantly using bland hospital materials to make very meaningful Christmas decorations.

1. An ECG graph with green glitter.

2. A Christmas tree made out of inflated vinyl gloves.

3. And here’s a non-inflated version 😉

4. A wreath made of urinals.

5…. as well as urine jars.

The Purple Quiltapotamus

6. Blood bag shaped like a fireplace sock.

Bored Panda

7. And here, again.

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8. A nice welcome to the hospital.


9. Last but not least: newborn babies are just impossibly cute in these little sock pouches.

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