Creative Couple Turns A Tiny Garage Into A Dream Home.

Most tiny houses we see are located out in the woods and tend to be rustic or at least quite simple. But this tiny home in the Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles is anything but. It was originally built in the 1920s as a garage. But as you’ll see, the humble building has come a long way. Designer Whitney Leigh Morris transformed it into the biggest and most beautiful 362 square feet of living space you’re likely ever seen. And she shares it with her partner, Adam Winkleman, and the couple’s two beagle-mix rescue dogs, Stanlee and Sophee. The family and their lovely home is proof, as Morris says, that “we don’t have to ‘live large’ to live beautifully.” Scroll down to the tiny house in all of its beauty!

Whitney Leigh Morris is a designer and blogger who lives in Venice Beach, Los Angeles with her partner, Adam Winkleman…

✨ Happy birthday to my love. I can’t imagine sharing 362 sqft with anyone but you.

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… and their two rescue beagle-mixes, Stanlee and Sophee.

The cutest (and loudest) office mates. #StubsandSoph #TheTinyCanalCottage

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The four of them share a home that at only 362 square feet is almost impossibly small. And in fact, it was never intended to be a house at all.

The tiny structure was built in the 1920s as a detached garage for the main house on the property where it is located. But after Morris worked her design magic on it, the old garage became a space for the whole family, including a bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Working away as the Sunday sun rises on Venice. ⛅️ #TheTinyCanalCottage

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And what the space lacks in size, this house makes up for in beauty. Morris replaced the old garage door with glass doors, hung a large mirror on the wall to give the illusion of more space, and kept the decor light and airy.

When their friends come over, the couple can turn the living room into a dining room simply by placing a table cloth on the table.

Time to turn off the computer and connect face to face. Too many screens lately. Craving an unplugged adventure. #TheTinyCanalCottage

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Morris put the kitchen in the back corner and divided it from the living room with an L-shaped sofa. (Notice they even have a dishwasher in this tiny space!)

The bedroom is cozy and includes plenty of space for books and storage.

There’s even an outdoor space, which thanks to Los Angeles weather, makes for perfect outdoor dining most nights of the year.

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Check out Morris’ Instagram for more proof that you don’t have to live large to live a beautiful life!

Pretty jealous of this built-in sleep mask thing she’s got going on. # Sophee

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