Discover the best way to cut onions – with this genius trick

Cutting and chopping onions is, like many others, my least favorite part of cooking. I simply never seem to get the task done as well as I’d like – and of course, getting watery, stingy eyes is not fun at all. 

There are loads of tips out there and professional tricks on how to best cut your onions – whether in rings when preparing, for example, a salad, or chopping finely to fry up with beef or chicken.

If you’re trying to get perfect rings though, I think I may have come across the best trick I’ve ever seen to help complete this normally rather daunting task.

The tools you need are very simple, so I am sure I will be giving this a shot soon – and can’t wait to see how much easier it makes life in the future!

Watch the video below to see this genius trick on how to get the most perfect onions rings. 

All you need is a comb, or similar object.

The comb keeps the slices perfectly even – and it’s also very safe and easy to cut onions this way. Bonus: This trick also works well when slicing other foods, such as cucumbers, tomatos or lemons!

Please share this clever trick with everyone you know who may need help with their onion cutting skills 🙂

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