Discover the Japanese method to cleanse your body of toxins

According to ancient East Asian medicine, the feet are connected to all the vital organs of the body – they are therefore often referred to as our second heart.

Thousands of nerves from the body end at the feet. They are therefore full of therapeutic points. Researchers have thus come to the conclusion that it is possible to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances through the feet. The method? Detox patches.

The best part? You can make your own detox patches right at home. Here’s an easy recipe you can make using basic food staples and other ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen at home. 

I know I’m already sold on this idea, and will definitely give it a shot!

You need:

About 200 ml of water
Adhesive dressings


1. Cut the garlic and onion into slices and put into a pot of boiling water. Boil for about 10 minutes.

2. Allow the water to cool off.

3. Take out your plasters and pour some water in the middle of the pad. Try as much as possible not to hit the tape adhering dressing.

4. Attach the plaster on the sole of your foot, pull a sock over it, and go to bed.

5. When you wake up the next morning, pull the plaster off. Take a look at it – you will see just how much toxins your body has rid itself of. The darker the plaster, the more toxins that were drawn out of your body.

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This Japanese method has several documented health effects. In addition to clearing away toxins and harmful subsrances, the method is also said to have several other benefits:

• Relieves aches, pains and fatigue
• Increase energy
• Relieves stress 
• Strengthens the immune system
• Provides finer complexion
• Improves the quality of sleep
• Increases blood circulation

I haven’t tried it out just yet, so I can’t vouch to it working, but I think it is definitely worth a try considering the long history of great health benefits it is said to have. Please share with someone you think may be interested in giving it a shot!

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