DIY: A Beautiful ‘Autumn Leaves’ Bowl To Enhance Your Home This Fall

Autumn is probably my favorite season. When the colors begin to change, and the cool air returns, I get a new surge of energy. I love sitting indoors and listening to the calming sound of rain hitting against my windows. I think this environment is also entirely suited to some awesome autumn season crafts – like this perfect DIY bowl project I recently discovered. When I stumbled across this idea at Hello Lucky, I was immediately convinced and wanted to try it. All you need are some beautiful autumn leaves, a balloon, bowl, glue and a paintbrush. Just a perfect, relaxing little project right in time for perfect, peaceful autumn.

1. To start, make sure you pick out some really nice, large leaves from your yard.

2. Blow up a balloon and place it in a suitably large bowl. Brush a light layer of glue to the balloon.

3. Stretch one of the leaves over the balloon, coating it too with some glue (Modge Podge works best). här) över lövet och upprepa.

4.Repeat with your leaves until you’ve covered about a quarter of your balloon. Coat some extra leaves around the bottom of the balloon. Then let dry for at least an hour.

5. Once the glue has dried, carefully pierce the balloon with something sharp. Don’t worry if the leaves shrivel up a little when the balloon deflates, they will return to their original shape after a minute or so.

6. Voilà! All that’s left to do is fill the dish with whatever your heart desires and use it to accentuate your autumn, or permanent home decor!



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