He Cracks Some Eggs Over An Ice Cube Tray. When I See Why? I Had No Clue This Would Happen.

Eggs are inexpensive, healthy and delicious. And perhaps one of the most versatile foods around. It’s possible to use them in so many different ways, besides boiling them and eating them right out of the shell. You can mix bananas with eggs and get this marvelous result. Or, with help of a simple muffin tray, you can make this world-class omelette in no time. If neither of those inspire you – why not grab your ice tray instead. Yes – ice tray. This is a tip that will save you both time and money. Scroll down to check it out. Oh – and speaking of eggs – annoyed at how long it can take you to peel them? Perhaps you’re not aware of this brilliant and super simple trick.

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