He Got A Plot Of Land To Build On In Thailand. 6 Weeks Later? I’m Totally Jealous!

Not everyone has the money to buy a house, but it doesn’t stop them from dreaming. Like most people, American Steve Areem dreamed of owning a home of his own one day. And while he didn’t have much to offer, he did manage to save $9,000. In America, it wouldn’t even have been enough for a downpayment, but in Thailand, Steve figured out to do something amazing. When a friend gave Steve permission to build something on his mango farm, Steve took him up on it. Six weeks later, he was almost finished with his dream home. The result? I’m totally jealous!

How did it all begin? Steve was given a small plot of land in Thailand from an American friend who runs a mango farm there.


All Steve had was $6,000 and a little spare time. But as you’ll see, it went quite far.


The materials to build the basic structure cost around $6,000. Steve did most of the work himself, with two friends helping sometimes.


Steve formed domes with concrete blocks, which he then cemented together and painted.


In many ways, this house is reminiscent of an igloo.


Steve chose an earthy, orange color.


To make it as homey as possible, Steve put about $3,000 into furniture and interior design.


Can you tell what this is supposed to be?


Now, do you understand?


The answer? A large and lovely bed!


But it’s not just the bedroom that impresses. The living room isn’t so bad, either…


The shower is a work of art in itself. Isn’t it wonderful?


How about the sink? I’m speechless!


The kitchen is a bit primitive, but I could live with it.


The straw roof on this terrace makes it the perfect place to spend the afternoon!


Remember, it only took six weeks for Steve and his two friends to complete this!


Steve, who works as an traveling photographer, has really done an outstanding job. And he certainly seems to enjoy life!


To get all of this for about $9,000 is amazing!


And the atmosphere in the dark is dreamlike. I’m at a loss for words!

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