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He Lays Out 43 Pallets In His Yard And Creates What Anyone Can Do At Home This Summer.

DIY projects everywhere are taking real steam. With summer around the corner, it’s prime time to give your backyard a facelift. And what better way to do that then with a gorgeous patio? That’s what one man recently did, documenting his project along the way on social media site Reddit under user name RedheadFox. And it all started with 43 wood pallets…

He started with 43 wood pallets.


With help from his family, he then sanded it all until it was nice and smooth.


Once the surface was smooth, it was time to prime with oil, and then paint white.


Once painted, the pallets were left to air dry in the sun.


A sheet of geotextile was laid out where the pallets were to be set to prevent grass from growing through them.


He gradually placed 20 pallets on the canvas.


Then was time to build the wall! Already starting to look gorgeous, right?


I just love how cozy it looks already.


A cute little ‘fence’ was set up to separate the seating area from the swimming pool set up to the right.


In order to create a solid structure, he used wire ropes.


Have a look at the gorgeous result!


To create an even more pleasant patio, flowers and plants were planted around the structure.


Then come the cozy and vibrantly colored lawn chairs to really spice things up.


And of course, a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate the amazing result.


Here’s a wider view of the end result! Personally, I would definitely chill out here on a nice summer day!


Photo source: Imgur

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