He Thought Their Laundry Room Was Dull, So He Made A Few Changes… I Just Love The Transformation.

The laundry room is often one of the most neglected rooms in the house and that is precisely the case for me. Kind of an odd fact, considering the time I spend in there washing laundry for the family which includes 1 young child and two teenagers! So what can one do to make the area more pleasant to be in? Well, if you’re as handy as this guy, here’s a thought. This husband’s wife was away for a week when he decided to surprise her with a brand new laundry room upon her return… The result? Absolutely wonderful.

The man explains his project idea. “So here’s the story, wife’s out of town for just one week so I had to work fast on surprising her with the renovation.”

Originally, it was a standard, uninteresting, and rather sterile looking laundry room. “This is the before, just a plain white laundry room, with a very annoying and ugly Fluorescent light above, that would flicker, and buzz. Overall just a plain laundry room,” explains the husband.

He wanted among other things to hide the unsightly electrical outlets.

He also definitely wanted to get rid of the horrible lighting.

He began by repainting the room to a warmer, cozier color.

Here’s when the paint job is nearly done.

He bought an unfinished butcher block from lumber liquidators at a good price.

And began creating a counter frame with it.

Looks better already!


But there’s still a lot of work to do.


He began laying out a beautiful stone backsplash.


Immediately providing the room with an elegant touch.


Of course, lighting is critical. So he made sure to make that element much cozier.


And voila! Needless to say, I’d be quite content coming home after a week to this beautifully renovated laundry room!

And the family’s dog seems to love it too 🙂

Completing these renovations in one week is super impressive. I was touched by the work this husband did for his wife in so little time. I’d say a lot of effort and lots of love went into this room! Like if you agree 🙂


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