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Her Children Left Home. So She Decides To Build Herself Her Dream Home.

While some use the wheels on trailers to travel around the world, others may see a completely different use for the practical little homes. M. J Boyle is an avid proponent of the small dwellings and has built several of them for different reasons. Over the past year, she has put all her energy into building her dream house. A home that would serve as her own little sanctuary, after her children left home and she would no longer need a large house. She describes her process and gives her views on the true meaning of life and what passion is all about. Take a look below at the images of her wonderful abode. I think I’m already sold!



M.J. Boyle developed her interest in small houses early on at age 12. After becoming fascinated with small, abandoned houses near the family home, she began sketching her own home for the future. Today, she has built her own home on wheels which she calls “My Empty Nest”.



In a little more than a year. M.J. has put all her energy and efforts into create her dream home. She put her entire savings into the project. The house is now still in need of a composting toilet, some joints here and there need to be fixed and some new curtain rods may be needed. But all in all, her fantastic home is complete.



The home really has great significance for M.J. Ever since her children left home, she sought to live in a new, smaller home in the exact style she had always dreamt about.



She describes the construction process as therapeutic for her. Even during the more difficult stages of her life, the home was there to give her the energy she needed to get through her adversities, whatever they might be.



She really has built a gorgeous home. Just look at how cozy it looks!



She has used space extremely efficiently. Smart storage space hides in stairs, for instance.



The house contains several cozy spots where you can just sit, relax, or meditate.



The decor is old-fashioned and extremely charming. Just she way she wanted it.



Take a look at the upstairs. I just want to cuddle up there with a book, a cup of tea!



We would like to thank M.J. for sharing these photos.



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