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Her Unexpected Trick With Her Duvet Cover Is Spreading Like Wildfire. Genius!

If you ever tried to put a duvet cover on a duvet, you know it can be frustrating. Sometimes do not even know where to start and there are moments where you may even be swearing to yourself. Until now, I haven’t really found a way to do it quickly and well. So when I saw this tip, I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong all my life … Again! In fact, you can actually put on the cover within 10 seconds! Pretty cool, right? There are probably several other good tricks to put on duvet covers, but this I have never seen before and that is why I wanted to share it.

Apparently this trick is called the “burrito” method. You start by turning your duvet cover inside out. Then, you place the cover on top and roll it up like a burrito, or pancake if you like. Best part is you can do it directly on the bed, so the task is accomplished immediately.

Check the video to see how she magically puts on a duvet cover with minimal effort.

Please forward this trick if you know someone who might want to learn this:)


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