Here’s How Your Palms Reveal The Kind Of Person You Are.

Studying our hand lines in order to reveal various properties of our personality is a very ancient science. Some also refer to the length of our fingers to reveal aspects of our personality. I came across this interesting article about hand lines on It examines our hands’ ‘heart lines’, which are said to reveal a person’s approach to love and relationships. As illustrated, the heart line runs from the outer edge of the palm towards the index or middle finger. By looking at your hand and comparing it with the illustrations, you can easily see what your heart line says about you. If this is all true, I dare not say – but I will admit it was on the ball for me. It’s certainly entertaining in any case – I enjoy these kinds of unproven, but facinating theories.


A) If your heart line begins below the middle finger, you are a born leader. You are independent, ambitious and intelligent. You are resolute, but also less sensitive and may be perceived as cold.

B) If your heart line runs between your long and index finger, you are a caring person who is kind and friendly towards others. You are also a reliable person who shows respect to your surroundings.

C) If your heart line begins under the index finger, you have the same set of characteristics as in the first category “A”.

D) If your heart line starts between the index finger and thumb, you are a patient, caring and sensitive person.

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