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Heres’s How To Make The Most Perfect Bows Ever With A Fork.

I really like clever trick that help you save time. Whether how to most efficiently boil your pasta, or the very best way to clean your oven, I love life hacks that just seem to make daily chores easier. I try my best to register things I’ve seen in my head and then use them when the perfect time comes along! With this hack, I predict this will happen fairly soon. Anyone who has struggled to make a nice bow for their gifts and presents knows what a struggle it can be. But with this neat trick, you can handle your bows with finesse and avoid a ton of frustration. All I could think when I saw this is HELLO Christmas presents and, hmm… I wonder what I can do with a really big fork!

Watch the video to see just how easy it is. You may need to practice a few times before you get it perfectly.

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