How To Create A Beautiful Decorative Cement Leaf.

If you want to rest your eyes on something beautiful, it’s often enough to just gaze out the window. With its fascinating colors and shapes, nature never ceases to amaze—and it’s something I think we should all have a little more of at home. So when I stumbled across this clever project, I immediately knew that I wanted to share it. If you’ve ever held up a leaf to the light and looked at it carefully, you know the beauty its fine details and form possess, and with this fun DIY project, you can make beautiful copies of your favorite leaves to display in your home or garden. Hang them on the wall, use them to decorate the garden, or create a fruit bowl that reminds you of the beautiful outdoors. Try it!

What you need:
A beautiful leaf
Cement mix

1. Lay plastic on the counter and spread out some sand.

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2. Lay another piece of plastic on top of the sand. Then, place the leaf upside down on top of the plastic.

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3. Mix the cement and water and cover the leaf with it. This cement mixture is already green, but you can also paint your cement leaf later.

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4. Cover the entire leaf so that all of its fine details make an imprint. Then, put another piece of plastic on top of the leaf.

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5. Then, wait about a day, and remove the plastic.

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6. Gently remove any remaining pieces of plastic from your cement leaf. You can use a brush to do this.

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7. Done! You now have a beautiful, timeless leaf that you can use to decorate your home or garden. So beautiful!

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Watch this video for more detailed instructions:

Isn’t it beautiful? I think everyone who loves gardening and nature should give it a try. Please share this project idea with your friends as a little inspiration!


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