How to remove your old wallpaper – with fabric softener

When you’re renovating or moving into a new home, removing old wallpaper can be a real nightmare.

And everyone who’s been in this situation knows that it’s time-consuming, difficult, and easier said than done.

But fortunately, there’s a trick that will save the day the next time you need to peel some wallpaper.

And you know what? It probably won’t you cost a dime.

Scroll down to see how easy this can be!

All you need are three things that you probably already have at home: a spray bottle, warm water, and fabric softener.

First, fill the spray bottle halfway up with fabric softener.


Then, fill the bottle the rest of the way up with hot tap water. Then, screw on the nozzle and you’re ready!


Spray the “impossible-to-peel” wallpaper until it becomes quite damp. Then, wait 15 to 20 minutes.


When the wallpaper starts bubbling, it’s ready to be peeled.

Once the wallpaper feels loose, remove it by grabbing an edge and pulling it down.


For particularly large areas, use a roller to save time.


If you miss any pieces, just repeat the process again.


Who would have thought peeling old wallpaper could be so quick and easy?

This trick isn’t just easy on your nerves and nails, it’s also easy on the wallet—because you don’t need to buy any special fluids or expensive tools at the hardware store.

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