How to light a fire with a regular lemon

The world never fails to fascinate me – this is especially true when I learn that the most unsuspected of items can serve the most unexpected purpose… such as a lemon. 

Just take a lemon. At first glance the little citrus fruit is conventional enough – but as it turns out, it can do more than just add flavor to our food and drinks. In fact, it can light a fire!

This may sound odd, but using a lemon to light a fire is in fact a known survival trick that many campers are already aware of. But even if you don’t camp much – you can just use the trick to stun your friends! 

Read on to find out how it works – do please remember to always be careful when handling flammable material.

You need:
A lemon
6 copper clips
6 sink nails 
Lead wire
Steel wool

1. Rub the lemon between your hands to soften it.

Source: YouTube

2. Push the copper clips into the lemon about 1 cm apart.

Source: YouTube

3. Do the same thing with the sink nails. Make sure the two aren’t touching.  

Source: YouTube

4. Take your wire and connect it diagonally from the first copper clip to the second nail. Go on to the next copper clip and connect it to the third nail – and so on. This will create a reaction between the metals.

Source: YouTube

5. Now connect a wire to each extremity – the sink nail will be the minus and the copper clip is the plus. The lemon is now ready to produce about 5 volts of electricity! 

Source: YouTube

6. The next step is to take the steel wool and place some dry tinder on it, such as toilet paper. Then grab the wires from the lemon and place them on the steel wool. This creates a short circuit which makes the steel wood catch fire. 

Source: YouTube

Watch the video below for the step-by-step instructions:

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