If you think your ice cube tray is just for water, take a look at these 10 brilliant tricks

We have many tools at home that are meant to serve one purpose – and one purpose only. Or so we think.

Indeed, with a little creativity and an open mind, the myriad of possibilities is endless and there are plenty of ways to make the most of what we already have. 

Ice cube trays are an excellent example of this – so I thought I’d share along exactly what you can try for yourself at home.

1. Yoghurt 

The Cutting Board

Have yoghurt hanging around that’s about to go bad? Freeze cubes of it so that it can last longer. 

2. Chocolate and strawberries

Paleo Eats and Treats

Try freezing strawberries and chocolate together. When you’re craving something sweet, you won’t regret it! Yum!

3. Eggs


If you want to protect your eggs from going bad, try to freeze them in an ice cube tray. This is definitely practical for if you have a large amount of eggs at home.

4. Coffee


Want a simple but genius trick to get the perfect ice latte? Freeze your coffee and just pick up the cubes when you want a chill drink.

5. Juice

Oh, The Things We’ll Make!

Juice is an excellent drink for freezing. Perfect to toss in your smoothie if you want something both refreshing and delicious!

6. Red wine

Ponte Winery

Have some leftover wine? Try freezing some cubes of it – it can help you make wonderful sangria at a later date. 

7. Lemon and mint

Flickr/Amelia Crook

Slice some lemon and put them in your ice cube tray along with some mint. This trick is especially good if you’re going to make lemonade or cocktails. 

8. Herbs

Youtube/Green Renaissance

Finely chop the herbs you want to use and place them in your ice cube tray. Cover with olive oil. Then just throw the cube of your choice into your pot or pan when cooking. Love it!

9. Aloe vera

The Chic Site

Your ice tray is not just for edibles. Magical cubes of aloe vera will do wonders for your sore or overheated body and skin. 

10. Grapes

YouTube/Pratiks in English

A brilliant idea for when your wine or your rosé is not sufficiently cold. Instead of ice cubes, just toss in some frozen grapes in the same color as your wine.

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