It Looks Like A Cottage On Wheels, But The Inside Hides A Surprisingly Luxurious Home.

I can be quite picky when it comes to where I live. If I stay in a summer cottage for example I want to be able to live comfortable, have running water inside and have a functional kitchen with a stove. Now, if you stay in a caravan you might have to compromise on both style and function, and because of this I don’t really like to stay in a caravan. At least not until now. This little cottage on wheels really has it all: it’s nice, has some really practical solutions and it’s easy to move it to a suitable location. I don’t know what you think, but I really think this caravan is something special.

This cottage might look small on the outside.


But according to Tiny heirloom that has built the cottage, they were able to fit nine persons inside.


You can find everything you need inside, but almost everything are in a smaller version.


There’s a dining area.


The cottage has solar panels on the roof, so the electrical bill won’t be that high. Supposedly around 10 dollars a month.


The kitchen standard is really high and among other stuff there’s a bench top in stone.

A cozy loft bed for two.


The cottage/caravan are build in Portland, Oregon, and it costs from $79,000.


And it really is a real home.


You can, for example, bake cakes and other tasty things in the oven.


There’s a washer and many clever and practical cabinets inside the caravan.


In the kitchen there’s some real classy tile on the walls.



On several places inside there’s clever and elegant details.


I would really enjoy to live in this beautiful house on wheels.


Source: Twitter

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