Martin turns his run-down garage into a super nice tiny house for his mother-in-law

When Martin Brown became a father, his mother-in-law decided she wanted to live closer to the family, but she didn’t have the money to move or get a place of her own. The problem didn’t last long, however, all thanks to her daughter’s handy husband.

The family’s garage had mosty served as a gathering place for old, useless stuff. So, Martin thought he could turn it into an apartment for his mother-in-law. Perhaps it was a just a pipe dream, but with a lot of hard work and a great sense of imagination, Martin made turned it into a reality. And the end result has caught the attention of DIYers across the internet.

The garage is only 480 square feet (45 square meters), but it seems much bigger when you look inside. It took a year of planning and six months of work for Martin to complete this fantastic gift to his mother-in-law.

Martin decorated the building with good lighting, large glass doors, and a sitting area. There’s also a kitchen, a closet, a bathroom—and even an loft. Wow!

Check out the “garage” in this video. What a transformation! Good work, Martin.

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