Creative parents put together every kid’s dream sleepover birthday party

As parents watch their precious children age year after year – they face a well-known dillemma: how to cope with them growing up so fast.

Year after year, as they grow at what feels like the speed of light, we sigh and recall just how tiny they used to be. How their entire hands were once the size of half of one of our fingers, and how their first everything brought us limitless, indescribable joy.

Their first smile, giggle, and of course, those precious first steps.

But our young ones birthdays present another challenge: how exactly to best welcome that precious new year our child is about to embark on. 

Yes, throwing the perfect birthday party can be quite stressful! And it was double the stress for Yosra and Kevin Furlotte from Ottawa, Canada, who’s two daughters Hannah and Jazymn, aged 7 and 5, are born just weeks apart. 

So, after giving several birthday ideas some thought – they came up with the most genius plan: a double – and very unique – kind of sleepover party.

Here is what their living room looks like… ordinarily.

Kevin Furlotte

So father Kevin got to work, after carefully collecting wood from dying trees at the family country home.

Kevin Furlotte

It took 8 hours from start to finish to get the whole project up, which came at a cost of about $275, including the clever pool lounges used for beds, placed under each individual tent.

Kevin Furlotte

“It was a bit tricky at first because we had a vision but weren’t sure how we could turn it into reality,” Yosra says. “So Kevin cut down some trees and did a few rounds at the hardware store, meanwhile, I spent a few hours at the fabric store. After some time and sweat, I think it ended up looking pretty good. The girls loved it!”

Kevin Furlotte

And the final result…

Kevin Furlotte

Of course, no birthday party is complete without cake – so a matching turquoise one was designed and baked by mother Yosra herself!

Kevin Furlotte

Naturally, the party also featured one last element: a group of very happy 5-7 year-old campers!

Kevin Furlotte

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