My Brain Is Going Crazy After Watching 11 Images From This Photo Genius.

Erik Johansson from Sweden has been named ”The Photoshop Genius” and millions of people online are applauding his creations. Here are 11 of his coolest pieces.

Erik Johansson is a real master when it comes to manipulating images and creating custom artwork you just can’t stop looking at.

His images have attracted the attention from lots of sites online, worldwide.
– I am self-taught in photography and retouching. I discovered it was good fun to alter and distort images when I got my first digital camera back in 2000. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and when I got the camera I felt I wanted to do something more with the images, Erik says.

The Swede is working hard on his own projects, but is also doing work for companies like Google, Adobe, Microsoft and National Geographic.
The images below are published with permission from Erik and we are very happy we can show them to you. More images can be found on his site.

1. “Cut & Fold”.

Image Source:


2. “Drifting Away”.

Image Source:


3. “Snow Cover”.

Image Source:


4. “Don’t Look Back”.

Image Source:


5. “The Architect”.

Image Source:


6. “Soundscapes”.

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7. “Landfall”.

Image Source:


8. “Endless Reflections”.

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9. “Go Your Own Road”.

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10. “Roadworkers Coffee Brake”.

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11. “Electric Guitar”.

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