Neat Kitchen Tips: How To Get The Most From Your Egg Slicer.

The thing that really sets apart restaurant food from a good home-cooked meal (besides love) is presentation. Most of us are too busy to spend additional time finely slicing up, say, olives to garnish our homemade masterpieces. And when we do, they don’t look quite the same as the perfectly uniform slices that professional chefs top their dishes with. But chefs have a secret. It’s not that they’re necessarily better with knives than us. They just have better tools. And you probably have one of these tools in your kitchen already: the egg slicer. In this video, you’ll discover that egg slicers aren’t just for eggs any more. You can also use them to quickly slice up avocados, strawberries, mushrooms, and a host of other soft foods. So while you might not run a five star restaurant, you can still impress your dinner guests by topping your meals with perfectly sliced garnishes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with other soft foods and don’t forget to share this with all of your friends who love to cook!


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