She Clips A Hanger To Her Laptop And Reveals A Trick Everyone Should Know.

Coat racks and hangers: something many of us have loads of at home. I seem to be accumulating them at a worrying speed to be honest. But it turns out they have many alternative uses than just hanging clothes. I was already familiar with one: When I was young, me and my friends made slingshots out of them. We removed the bottom part, filled a balloon with berries, attached it to one end, then aimed at each other 🙂 Mom was not necessarily happy with this, but we certainly had a lot of fun. In any case, here are three probably very useful (and smarter) uses for hangers. I particularly loved the third, and know I’ll give it a shot the next time I’m in the kitchen. As for the second- I just wish I’d seen this sooner, back in the day when I was writing essays and assignments for school! Take a look at the cool video to see how it all works!

Source: 3 ways you need to be using hangers

I love these kinds of simple hacks that make life so much easier – and I know my many of my friends will agree, so I’m absolutely passing this along to them. Feel free to do the same. And for more useful life hacks, just click the like button below.

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