She Grabs A Can Of Coca-Cola And Pours It Over Her Chicken Wings. The Result Had Me DROOLING.

Whether you approve of it or not, Coca Cola remains a favourite drink to many, many people. I personally am not a big fan, and consume it very rarely – usually at the movies alongside popcorn, or perhaps accompanying a slice of greasy pizza. But lately, it has emerged that the iconic beverage serves purposes beyond just making greasy foods go down easier. And I mean ‘purposes’ which actually could have little to do with food. We already brought you this rather daring girl, who decided to pour it all over her hair, and showed you this neat Coca-Cola Christmas lamp hack. But this is by far my favourite coke ‘innovation’. I’m yet to try this out but am definitely very curious about just how this would taste!

Watch the very simple recipe in the video below:

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