She Made A Custom Prom Dress Out Of 6,328 Soda Can Tabs, And The Result Is Adorable.

Dressing up nicely and going to the prom is a something to remember for a lifetime—and for many young girls, the time leading up to their prom is full of careful planning. There are hair, shoes, a nice dress, and jewelry to plan, and you sure can’t wear the same thing as anyone else. Lina Fernandez was looking for a cheap alternative to the usual prom dress and also wanted to stand out a little,  so she decided to make her own prom dress out of… those seemingly useless tabs found on soda cans! It sounds weird, but the result speaks for itself. Just like the dress that one girl made out of gum wrappers, this dress is incredibly beautiful. And it’s also fun to see teens trying out different things, so I’m sure everyone did a double take when she walked by in her glittery dress.

Most of us only see these as tabs to open soda cans. We get rid of them as soon as we’re done with them.


But this girl had a unique idea, inspired by a comic book character, to incorporate the tabs into her prom plans. At first glance, you wouldn’t make the connection…

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… But she made her dress out of 6,328 soda can tabs that she strung together with string.

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It took time, but the result is adorable. The glittering dress weighs about 4 pounds (1.8 kg).

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She had to rework it a few times until it fit her body perfectly.

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She didn’t have to wait long for feedback—because on her unforgettable prom night, she was interviewed by a local newspaper, a newspaper from a neighboring town, and even a radio station from Colombia! And no wonder—she looked beautiful.

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Anything is possible with a little imagination. Please share these pictures to show your love for the young girl’s beautiful dress!
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