She Puts A Squeezed Lemon In The Dishwasher. The Reason Is Amazingly Clever!

I love life hacks for the kitchen and lemon is one very common thing when it comes to tricks and hacks. I’ve seen a lot of useful tips, but I think that the one I’m about to reveal for you is one of the best so far – and simplest.

You can use an old, squeezed lemon. So, you don’t have to throw it away after cooking. Perfect!

Photo: Flickr.

Lemon curd - Squeezed

Or, you can use a brand new, fresh lemon. To get more of the lovely smell that comes along with this trick.

Photo: Flickr.


So, if you just put the lemon, old or new, in the dishwasher along with the dirty dishes it will get a fresh smell of lemon.
But, first and foremost: The lemon will make your dishes cleaner than ever!

It’s so simple! Again: Put the lemon in the dishwasher, old or new. Run the dishwasher like you always do with your regular detergent. Voilà! Spotless plates and silverware!