She Ties A String Around A Bottle. One Minute Later It Transforms Into An Elegant Thing I Want In My House.

I was at my brother’s house a while ago and noticed that he had a lot of different kinds of elegant bottles with candles on the table. Most of it, he’d done with beer bottles and a couple of wine bottles. I was curious, so I asked how he had created them because each and every one was cut in half in a pretty neat way. It proved to be much easier than I expected.   All you need is a bottle, some thread, nail polish (acetone), a lighter, a scissor and cold water. Since you’re gonna use fire make sure that you are careful.

1. Start with tying a string around the bottle where you want it to be cut.


2. Twine the string properly around the bottle and close. Remove residual thread.


3. Dab the string in acetone. (You can also remove the string and put it in a bowl with acetone and put it on again).


4. Hold the bottle above a bowl of cold water and light up the string. Spin the bottle while it’s burning.


5. Dip the bottle in cold water. Done!


Sometimes, the edges get a little sharp, but if you have sand paper at home you can easily remove them. Then, it’s just to put a candle or use the glasses for something else that you think is decorative in your home!

Here are some suggestions:


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Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it:

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