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She Transforms The Stump In Her Garden To A Gnome Tree Stump House.

In 2015, when Mimi’s husband told her it was time to cut down a large tree in their backyard, she had an idea. It consisted of a project she’d always wanted to try. “Plus I’m known for making simple tasks complex,” she says. So when the tree was cut down and only a stump remained Mimi took her shot – and turned the stump into something absolutely innovative: a small house for garden gnomes. Or you might say, the cutest little fairy tale house, ever.

Mimi and her husband worked together to gather innovative props they could use to transform the stump. And what a transformation! Mimi later shared her adorable project on YouTube and I immediately fell in love. Take a look below at how she put it all together.

Here’s what the stump looked like when the tree was cut down. The sides are angled downwards, resembling a roof.



So Mimi and her husband began to fix that ‘roof’.



Tada – the adorable end result. See more in the video below. Just too sweet, right ?! 🙂



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