Six Ways To Transform Ordinary Doormats Into Gorgeous Works Of Art.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your doormat. Sure, you may have given it a little thought when you bought it, and you might stop for a second and wipe your feet on it as you enter your house… But that’s about it. Now, some creative designers are looking at doormats in a whole new way… and they’re even featuring them in their latest designs. I was surprised that anyone would think of using doormats like this, but when I saw the results, I was already coming up with ideas for my own DIY projects. Take a look below and get ready to get creative!

From your bedroom, to your windows, and even your garden, the door mat is going places.

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All you need to make a beautiful new headboard for your bed are a few doormats and some spray paint. Since doormats come in a variety of designs and spray paint comes in an endless selection of colors, you won’t have any trouble creating a unique headboard that matches your decor. 

For inspiration, check out Kara Paslay Designs.

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When you bought your doormat, you were probably attracted to its intricate design. But now that it’s getting old and needs to be replaced, don’t throw it out quite yet. The detailed design on your mat makes for the perfect stencil.

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And with a can of spray paint and four wooden boards, you can create wall art that will liven up any room.

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But you don’t have to limit yourself to just stenciling the old doormat at your front door. You can also buy new doormats and find the perfect pattern for your space.

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Live on a busy street, but still want some light to shine in your windows? Simply affix a door mat to any window you’d like to cover, and you have some pretty chic shades.

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Now it’s time to take things outside. With a few materials, a little creativity, and a bit of time…

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…you can accent your garden walls with these lovely rock plaques, make a walkway to your front door, or a host of other projects.

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Now that we store most things on paper, the filing cabinet has become a thing of the past. With a few simple steps, you can a whole new look and purpose!

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