Someone Attached A Hairpin To An iPhone And Transformed It Into A Super Camera.

To photograph really good close-up with an iPhone can be difficult. If you put it real close to something you will only get a black screen. But, the brilliant thing is that you can solve this problem with a hairpin, some tape and an old laser pointer. If you don’t own a laser pointer you can always buy one. That is so much cheaper than buying a macro lens for your iPhone. Just follows these simple steps and you’ll be able to take photos with a greater diversity. Everyone who enjoys taking photos with their iPhone must try this!

1. Take an old laser pointer.


2. There will be a focusing lens glued in there.


3. Remove the lens.


4. Get hold of the focusing lens with a hair pin.


5. Attach it to your phone’s camera.


6. Take a picture of something (like a coin).


7.Zoom in for close-ups. Cool, right?



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