The 5 Nastiest Things You Overlook In Your Bathroom… And How to Clean Them.

You’ve scrubbed the toilet bowl, scoured the shower, and spiffed up the sink. The mirror is spotless and the floor is sparkling. But is your bathroom really clean? I thought mine was, until I recently watched this video and was shocked to realize all of the gross oversights I’d been making. Melissa Maker’s video on YouTube channel “Clean My Space” lays out five nasty bathroom items that we should all be cleaning. Two of the items—the toilet brush and the plunger—are so dirty that I didn’t think there was any hope. Whenever I’m “done” cleaning my bathroom, I just put them back in their places as dirty as ever. But the other three, I didn’t even think of as dirty at all. Sure, I replace my toothbrush every few months, but I’ve never thought to clean it besides giving it a quick rinse. Same goes for my razor. I rinse it, use it for a while, and switch out the blades. And my loofah always seemed clean enough. But luckily, Melissa is there to show us how dirty our bathrooms are… and how easy it is to disinfect them.

From the plunger and toilet brush, to the razor, toothbrush, and loofah, Melissa makes convincing arguments about the need to clean.

Take the razor, for example. Melissa says: “Keeping your razor dry is quite important for a couple of reasons. First, a wet razor can become a rusty razor. And secondly, a moist blade kept in the shower harboring old hair and dead skin can lead to bacteria which causes ingrown hairs and irritation when shaving—not to mention, a duller shave.”

And her tips are more about soaking and waiting than getting down on your knees and scrubbing. Melissa’s advice for how to clean your loofah is typical. “Just submerge you loofah in a 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar for about an hour, and then hang it up to drip dry. This method of cleaning also works for those of you who sponges or washcloths.”

To see all of her advice and truly be able to say that your bathroom is clean and (mostly) germ free, check out all of Melissa’s tips in her video.



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