This Grey House Does Not Look Like Much. But Wait Until You See The Inside…

I absolutely adore looking at homes that are out for sale- even though I’m not even looking to buy property. I just can’t help but be drawn to all the different houses and looks that are out there. 

It was as I was doing precisely that that I came across this very ‘ordinary’ looking house in Norway. On the outside, it appears a little dull and even somewhat worn out. But when I saw the inside? I fell in love! Check it out for yourself below! 

From the outside it looks rather grey and dull. But wait till you see this house from the inside!

When you walk through the door, you’re met by a light and airy hallway.

A large mirror makes the room appear even bigger.

The living room is in a lovely deep teal color.

The library is beautifully decorated.

The office is something out of the ordinary.

The kitchen is truly as cozy as can be.

Adjacent to the staircase, a wall is tastefully decorated with paintings.

I sure wouldn’t mind having dinner here!

A cozy TV room with space for two.

The luxurious bathroom – I just love the Moroccan tiles, tub, and large gold-framed mirror!

In the bedroom there is enough space for a large bed and plenty of storage space.

The child’s room is painted in a lovely and serene blue hue.

Of course, the property also features a peaceful yoga room.

The patio offers a spectacular view.

Guests can sleep comfortably in the guest room. 

Source: Desiretoinspire

What a gorgeous house! If I wanted to live in Norway, I would definitely be interested in this house. For now, though, I will be using it as inspiration to decorate my own!

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