This couple lives in an old van – which they transformed into a cool mini apartment

The couple, Adam, 30, and Nikki, 33, from the UK, were fed up with barely being able to afford rent. They decided it was time to make a bold change in their lives.

Together, they bought an old white van, quit their traditional office jobs and spent a year renovating the car into their dream home.

The transformation is incredible.

Now, the old van has become a real home, but on four wheels.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The couple has built the van to include a small kitchen, a toilet, shower, window, a bedroom, and even a small porch.

They bought the white van on Ebay for only $4,500, investing a further $6,500 into building it up to be the fully-functioning home they always wanted.

bedroom van
Photo Credit: YouTube

With wood floors and panelling, the interior of the van is astonishingly homey. Naturally very compact, the cosiness of their cool home is made even cozier with a small wood stove installed.

insert panel
Photo Credit: YouTube

Now, not only are they saving money on rent, but they have plans to travel around Europe in the van for at least a year.

Will they ever go back to “normal” living? They’re not so sure.

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