This Family Collected Wood Pallets For Months. What They Turned Them Into? Brilliant!

For months, this family collected every pallet they could get their hands on, patiently waiting to transform the floors in their kitchen and dining room. The cost was next to nothing, but the payoff? Huge!

When this anonymous family decided to renovate the floors in their kitchen and dining room, they needed to do it on the cheap. That meant they needed free materials and they needed to do the work themselves.




Fortunately, they knew someone with a steady supply of free pallets. Every time new pallets came in, the family added them to the pile in their garage.




The first task in getting the pallets ready to be cut into floorboards was to pull out all the nails. Luckily, this little guy was there to help. He and the rest of the family ended up removing over 9,000 nails!




Making sure they got every last nail was important because just one nail could ruin the wood planing machine that would turn these pallets into floorboards. And since the family was borrowing the machine from a friend, just one nail could drive a wedge into the friendship.




When they had enough wood, it was time to bring it to their friend’s woodshop. This is where they cut the slats down to five inches wide by one-half inch thick.




With the pallets looking like floorboards, the wood was ready for the family’s kitchen and dining room.




As they lay the first boards onto the sub-floor, the pieces of this amazing flooring project were starting to come together.




Not content with just pulling nails, this little guy got back in the action. The foundation to the fort he seems to be planning should be the family’s next project!




After all of that hard work, the family’s dreams are starting to pay off. The newly polished dining room floor looks amazing!




Back in the kitchen, the project is almost complete.




After 18 months of awesome effort, the family can finally celebrate!




Not only does this family now have beautiful wood floors in their kitchen and dining room, their floors are also unique. Money can’t buy the rich variety of wood that these floors display… and it can’t buy the happiness this family must feel, either!




Image source: Imgur

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