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This fireman lives in a 16 sqm caravan- peek inside and you’ll understand why

When thinking about our dream home, few of us exactly picture a tiny 16-square-meter large shed.

But this quaint little abode should be enough to give you second thoughts. Join this tour of fireman Nicki Jo Davis cozy tiny shed home – and you will immediately understand why.

Fireman Nicki Jo Davis was tired of her everyday life. She wanted to live simply, freely and with the ability to constantly be on the go – so she soon chose to make a small 16-square-meters shed on wheels her home.

The home, “Ravenlore”, was built by company Tiny Green Cabins. Needless to say, its bright colors and vintage style really makes it stand out.

But it isn’t just the exterior that makes this little cottage extraordinary. The inside is just as magical.

Several large windows provide plenty of natural light…

… And beautiful light fixtures ensure plenty of cozy evenings. 

The cottage includes a small loft bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to lay their head here?

Naturally, it also includes an efficient yet charming little bathroom.

Beneath the wooden floor are practical storage areas. 

The cottage is even powered by solar energy.

So cozy!

Watch Nicki giving a tour of her cozy abode just after she moved in:

Only 16 square meters – yet so cozy and nice! Share this with someone you think might also appreciate discovering a sweet little cottage like this.

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