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This Genius Hack Will Clean Your Grill Without Chemicals. Anyone Can Do This At Home.

For me, nothing represents summer more then a nice barbecue together with friends and family. I just love the taste of a perfectly grilled steak or a nice skewer. But there’s one thing that really irritates me about fixing a barbecue: The cleaning afterwards. When you grill almost every single night during a summer week the grill itself tend to look quite filthy. It won’t take long before it is covered in dirt and grease. That’s why I became so glad when I found these quick ways on how to clean my grill in no time. It’s so simple; everyone can do this at home just by following these few steps. And the best thing with this method is that it doesn’t include some artificial cleansing agent or dangerous chemical. Cause you really don’t need that stuff around food, right? No, instead, all you need with this technique you probably already have in your home. I mean, who knew baking powder were such a amazing cleansing agent? A final tip: You might wanna put on some good cleaning gloves before you start – it might get dirty.

This is what you need to clean the cooking grid:
Baking powder
A weight (a rock or something similar is OK)
Aluminum foil

And this is how it works:
1. Remove the cooking grid and place it in your ovenware.
2. Sprinkle the baking powder on the cooking grid. You need quite a lot. When you’re done the entire cooking grid should be covered with a thin layer of baking powder.
3. Pour some tablespoons of vinegar on the grid.
4. Fill the ovenware with water.
5. Put the weight on the cooking grid so it comes under water completely.
6. Allow the cooking grid to soak in the liquid for at least 30 minutes.
7. Roll up a hefty piece of aluminum foil into a lump.
8. Now, with the help from the aluminum foil, scrape the dirt and grease off the grid.
9. Done! Now all you have to do is wash the cooking grid and place it on your grill again.

This is why the baking powder works so well: For once, it’s quite abrasive. But it is also mildly alkaline, making it perfect for dissolving dirt and grease.

This is what you need to clean your gas grill:
2 grill brushes or some other cleaning brush
Rags or paper towels
A putty knife

And this is how it works:
1. Turn off the gas or remove the gas bottle entirely from the grill.
2. Remove everything that covers the burners (heat distribution plate, lava rocks, ceramic briquettes). Then brush them until they are clean.
3. Clean the burners with the grill brush. Just remember that the brush you use should only be used for this task. If you use the brush you used for cleaning the cooking grid, you will end up with grease scraps on the burner.
4. Brush and wipe any dirt from the bottom of your grill. If you find some flakes of black paint on the cap or bottom of the grill, use a brush or a putty knife to remove them.
5. Clean the fat-collecting vessel with soap and water. Or, if you are using a disposable container, replace it.
6. Lubricate the outside of the grill and do the same with any side tables that might be attached to it. Use concentrated soap and wait a moment.
7. Scrape with a brush, clean with water and then wipe it.
8. Put all parts back on and the grill is ready for another barbecue!

Isn’t this just perfect? Every barbecue fan out there should see this, so feel free to share this with all your friends, your family and neighbors!

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