Try this simple cleaning hack in the bathroom – the results will surprise you

If there’s anything I’ve learned about cleaning over the years, it’s that the best tricks are the ones you don’t read about in a book.

Alternatively, the cleverest hacks are those little tips and tricks handed down through the generations, from grandmother to mother or father and then on to you and me.

One such hack – one that turns something so mundane as cleaning a bathroom into actual fun – I thought I’d share with you now. I admit to having been slightly sceptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. Feel free to have a browse below and share this trick with all your friends. Cleaning the bathroom will be an infuriating chore no more!

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Dirty tiles, limescale covered washbasins and filthy showers. Yep, cleaning the bathroom is one of those jobs no one really wants to do. Ever.

It not only takes time and energy – repeated over and over again, I might add – but you often have to apply potentially harmful chemicals to get good results.

No more. The following bathroom cleaning hack is both natural and effective when applied in the right areas.

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For this, you will need:

5.7 fl oz of liquid soap

5.9 fl oz of vinegar

1 x empty spray bottle

1 x clean dishcloth

First, heat the vinegar for three minutes. Then pour it into the spray bottle and add the liquid soap. Shake the bottle to properly mix the ingredients together.

Once that’s ready, spray the mixture on tiles and any other surfaces that need to be cleaned. The mixture should work equally well on porcelain furniture and sinks.

Allow about a minute for the formula to get to work and then wipe it off with a cloth. Your bathroom should now be shining clean and smell good as well – how simple!

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Fast, easy and most importantly efficient. This trick is one that can be tested with consummate ease.

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