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Wife Builds Her Own “She Shed”. I Want One Too!

As an introvert, I cherish my alone time. So when I get a chance, I like to curl up in a corner and read a good book, sip coffee and look out the window, or just lie in bed and think. But my precious time alone doesn’t last long. Someone’s always bursting my bubble and pulling me back into whatever mess that happens to be going on. So when I heard about the concept of the “she shed,” I knew I had to have one. And after watching this video, I’m jealous!


Sandra’s “she shed” came out of desperation but ended in happiness.

After moving into a big farmhouse in New York’s Catskill Mountains, she and her husband Todd realized how different they are. He’s messy, she’s neat. He collects tractors and tools, she likes sparse vintage decor. He wants to live in a man cave, she wants to live in a place that looks straight out of a magazine.

The farmhouse wasn’t big enough to contain their differences, so Sandra had to turn to other options to find a place where she could feel truly at home. Luckily, the couple’s property came with an old cabin, and a couple of years after moving into the farmhouse, Sandra began turning the old cabin into the mini house of her dreams.

In 2010, The New York Times wrote, “Armed with a crowbar, hammer, and electrical saw, she removed the front of the cabin and extended the floor and porch, using salvaged floorboards. She framed out the porch and found columns, a screen door, and hardware…”

Sandra found most her supplies on Craigslist and at yard sales. And when she finished, Sandra was ecstatic—she created her own personal refuge, and her marriage was better than ever.

Have a peak into Sandra’s “she shed” in the video below, and start dreaming up your own!


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