Why you should always dip a match in nail polish before you go on holiday

Why you should always dip a match in nail polish before you go on holiday

As it turns out, nail polish doesn’t just keep your nails looking pretty. 

You can use it to make your holiday a lot easier and more comfortable.

Here are six really good tricks to get the most out of your nail polish.

1. Make matches water-proof

Ever come across a box of matches that have been soaked right through and thus rendered useless? Here’s a genius trick to ensure that mishap never happens again.

Simply dip the tip of your matches in nail polish, let them dry and voila. 

Now you can be out in all kinds of wet weather, but still light your campfire or camp stove. Just like that!

Source: YouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

2. Re-use your envelopes

Have you ever sealed an envelope but forgotten to insert the card or letter inside? No problem, try this brilliant nail polish trick.

Open the envelope, and brush on nail polish, which acts as glue, on the inside upper edge. Slip your card of letter in and voila! Once the nail polish has dried, you have a brand new envelope waiting to be sent.

Source: YouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

3. Light a fire

It’s hard to imagine, but nail polish is really good lighter fluid.

Pour some nail polish on wood or stone, and light with a match. Congratulations, you have just laid the foundation for a fire!

Source: YouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

4. Thread your needles smoothly 

I often lose my patience when trying to thread a needle. But here’s a great solution, which, once again, includes nail polish as the perfect tool.

Dab some nail polish on your finger and stick the thread on top – now it’s more stable and will be easier to pass through the tiny needle’s hole and get started.

Source: YouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

5. Fix your shoelaces

Shoelaces have the annoying habit of threading apart on the tips. But again, nail polish can save the day.

Simply apply the polish on the tip of your laces. It will bind the threads together like glue as well as make it easier for you to pass the laces through your shoe’s holes. Easy peezy!

Source: YouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

6. Label your keys

Which are the house keys? Which are the laundry room’s? Many of us ask these questions as we fumble with our thick key piles, rummaging and trying to remember which is which and distinguish them apart.

But if you have several different color nail polishes at home – here’s an easy solution to the problem.

Brush on different color nail polishes on your keys to identify each one with the appropriate lock. Never fumble and which key goes with which lock again.

Source: Youtube / Crazy Russian Hacker

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