12-year-old’s magical musical interpretation blows jury off their chairs – gosh, what a voice!

Isn’t it amazing how the biggest voices sometimes come out of the smallest bodies?

Beau Dermott is a sweet 12-year-old girl, but when she appeared on popular TV talent show “Britains Got Talent”, she sure managed to fill the big stage.

Understandably, Beau is nervous when she steps into the spotlight and the pressure just increases when the judges gasp when she announces her song choice.

Beau chooses the challenging “Defying Gravity” from popular musical Wicked. 

But despite her initial nervousness, Beau puts on a real show.

Her song choice requires both a great voice and an extraordinary empathy – I never thought a 12-year-old could embody both so magically!

More people would surely love to discover and listen to the charming and talented Beau Dermott.

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