16-Year-Old Cancer Survivor’s Dream Comes True When Simon Presses The Golden Buzzer.

Sixteen-year-old Calysta Bevier has been through a lot. And the “America’s Got Talent” judges found out just how much she’s been through when Howie Mandel mentioned that he likes her look. “My hair wasn’t really my choice,” Calysta shyly admits before telling the judges that she fought cancer, but has recently been given a clean bill of health. Then, she tells them that she’s performing to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter how dark the future looks—and that she wants to demonstrate this by singing “Fight Song.” Even before Calysta sings, the judges look like they can sense some kind of star power in her. And this 16-year-old’s spirit really radiates. But when she opens her mouth and starts singing, the judges get to see who she really is. Simon Cowell in particular has a sparkle in his eyes during the performance. But when it ends, he does something he rarely does—press the golden buzzer! I feel just like Simon and wish 16-year-old Calysta all the best with her music career. Take a minute and check out her emotional audition below!

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