4-yr-old girl begs dad to turn on radio – seconds later, their transformation makes millions laugh out loud

I’m probably not the only one who bursts into song whenever a good song comes on the car radio.

But these two take it to the next level.

See what happens when this 4-year-old girl asks her dad to turn on the radio. Their transformation is absolutely amazing!

Cole LaBrant often posts fun videos online and he’s become something of an internet celebrity.

And this time, he brings his 4-year-old step-daughter, Everleigh, along for the ride.

The wonderful duo offers a carpool karaoke that takes it back to the 90s.

For every song that comes on the radio, Cole and Everleigh suddenly sport awesome new outfits, hilarious choreographed dance moves, and irresistible facial expressions.

It’s easy to see why this video has put a smile on so many people’s faces. ❤️️❤️️

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