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music performance

Adele starts singing her classic – but then she suddenly sees this and burst into tears

When Adele gets to the chorus, she asks the audience to help her out, something they do without skipping a ...

Girl with cancer falls into coma, then her dad captures something heartbreaking on his phone

Lindsey’s mother, Darlene, brought a guitar to the hospital to play one last song for her daughter. Darlene wrote the ...

Garth Brooks asks crying fan if she's a mom. When he hears her answer, he stops concert

Sophie was indeed a mom, but her little boy, Antoine, had passed away in 2011 at the age of three ...

Man interprets 'Amazing Grace' on harmonica – the result gives millions goosebumps

What a wonderful version of a beautiful song! Please share this video if you also appreciated Chadburn’s harmonica performance.

Simon sighs when 9-yr-old mentions Celine Dion – seconds later, she stuns everyone with her voice

Share if Celine’s Celine Dion cover also gave you goosebumps!

Judges force her to change songs twice - now watch how she takes on the challenge

Wow, what a joy! And so much talent! This is a lesson in never giving up. Share it with your ...