65,000 fans grow tired when band doesn't show up – then they all sing a Queen classic

65,000 fans grow tired when band doesn’t show up – then they all sing a Queen classic

Few moments in life are able to give millions of people goosebumps. But we promise you that this is one of those moments.

For fans of Queen and Freddie Mercury, get ready to have the hair on your arms stand straight up!

Sixty-five thousand fans stood in front of a festival stage in London, England. They were waiting for the American punk rock band Green Day to start their set. But the band was late and the audience was tired — so the concertgoers decided to entertain themselves. They burst into a version of the immortal classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

I’m sure Freddie Mercury was smiling from up there in heaven. Check out the powerful moment here:

This is music at its best! The art form is one of the few things that can create a bond between all kinds of people, regardless of language or culture. This video also shows the incredible impact that Freddie Mercury and Queen still have today. Please help us share it so that music lovers everwhere get the chance to enjoy this magnificent performance.

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